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ARCHIVE - School Letters (general) Sept 2020-Aug 2021

This folder will be updated with school letters from September 2020.  Please note the letters are saved in date order with the most recent at the bottom, however you can sort them yourself when you view the page.

Letters relating to individual classes/year groups can be found on your child's class page in the "Children" folder.  This includes information about trips, homework, etc.

Filename Size Date
Flu Letter for 30 09 2020.pdf 1.6MB 26/11/2020
Parents Meetings - October 2020.pdf 470.2KB 26/11/2020
Secondary_Letter.pdf 91.6KB 26/11/2020
Harvest Donation Poster.pdf 266.6KB 26/11/2020
23rd September - PHE letter to parents and guardians.pdf 108.2KB 26/11/2020
23rd September - PHE letter to parents and guardians - po... 304.0KB 26/11/2020
Let's Get Telford Healthy Launch detail.pdf 307.4KB 26/11/2020
Dothill Risk Assessment - Reviewed 11.9.20 final.pdf 809.2KB 26/11/2020
facebook consent.pdf 176.0KB 26/11/2020
Form 3.pdf 225.9KB 26/11/2020
Form 2 - parent governor election Oct 2020.pdf 254.0KB 26/11/2020
Parent Governor Election Letter 21 10 2020.pdf 259.5KB 26/11/2020
Free School Meals holiday letter (Breakfast Scheme only).pdf 233.7KB 26/11/2020
Christmas lunch flyer 2020.pdf 745.0KB 26/11/2020
Christmas lunch 2020.JPG 103.5KB 26/11/2020
Christmas Jumper.jpg 993.3KB 26/11/2020
Christmas Jumper Day 2020.JPG 100.6KB 26/11/2020
20 11 2020 T&W Covid 19 important update.pdf 109.0KB 26/11/2020
EYFS Phonics Packs Dec 2020.pdf 172.0KB 01/12/2020
Y6 swimming initial letter - Dec 2020 - website.pdf 135.4KB 07/12/2020
Ofsted Remote Visit Letter to Parents Dec 2020.pdf 104.7KB 07/12/2020
Y3 swimming letter - Dec 2020.pdf 139.6KB 07/12/2020
Y6 SATS books letter Dec 2020.pdf 172.2KB 16/12/2020
05 01 2021 letter to parents.pdf 303.8KB 05/01/2021
FSM update 05 01 2021.pdf 257.4KB 05/01/2021
DfE_FreeSchoolMeals_ParentCarerFAQs.pdf 503.2KB 20/01/2021
DfE_FSM-voucher-scheme_Parent-Carer-Userguide.pdf 608.7KB 20/01/2021
Letter to Parents - remote learning.pdf 106.7KB 20/01/2021
Remote Learning Offer - EYFS.pdf 111.3KB 20/01/2021
Remote Learning Offer - Key Stage One.pdf 146.2KB 20/01/2021
Remote Learning Offer - Key Stage Two.pdf 152.8KB 20/01/2021
World Book Day Poster - final.pdf 602.8KB 24/02/2021
Reminders for return to school from 8th March 2021.pdf 276.8KB 26/02/2021
what is working well.pdf 72.4KB 02/03/2021
Improving offer suggestions.pdf 62.5KB 02/03/2021
Remote learning offer email 02 03 21.pdf 214.1KB 02/03/2021
Parents Consultation - Spring Term - website copy.pdf 161.7KB 08/03/2021
share_a_smile_poster_A4.pdf 137.9KB 12/03/2021
Y3-4 Easter Visit March-April 2021.pdf 282.1KB 19/03/2021
update to school timings from 19 04 2021.pdf 471.9KB 29/03/2021
Vision screening letter to parents 2021.pdf 428.2KB 27/04/2021
HCP Newsletter May 2021.pdf 794.8KB 13/05/2021
NCMP Reception Withdrawal letter for parents 2020.pdf 211.4KB 17/05/2021
NCMP Year 6 Withdrawal letter for parents 2020.pdf 196.0KB 17/05/2021
NCMP Guidance Letter 2020.pdf 459.7KB 17/05/2021
NCMP_pre-measurement_flyer.pdf 1.3MB 17/05/2021
Update for parents for return on Tuesday 8th June 2021.pdf 340.4KB 25/05/2021
EYFS letter to parents re Mrs W and Mrs H.pdf 333.6KB 27/05/2021
Y1 letter to parents re teachers.pdf 331.9KB 27/05/2021
School Photo Day June 2021.pdf 512.3KB 27/05/2021
School Lunch Accounts 09 06 21.pdf 386.7KB 09/06/2021
Fitness Friday letter.pdf 126.1KB 15/06/2021
End of Term lunch and mufti day.pdf 146.5KB 17/06/2021
staffing letter.pdf 107.5KB 18/06/2021
Arthog initial letter 18 06 21 JT.pdf 116.1KB 21/06/2021
RSE letter 2021.pdf 125.8KB 22/06/2021
Y6 leavers photo 2021 note for parents.pdf 254.2KB 23/06/2021
Y6 Pizza Party July 2021.pdf 116.9KB 29/06/2021
Transition 5.7.21.pdf 111.7KB 29/06/2021
Arthog Outreach letter.pdf 109.0KB 29/06/2021
Football letter.pdf 106.2KB 09/07/2021
Back gate letter.pdf 97.5KB 12/07/2021
Y5 letter - walking to and from school.pdf 320.6KB 21/07/2021
NCMP Guidance Letter 2021.pdf 582.6KB 13/10/2021
NCMP Year 6 Withdrawal letter for parents 2021 Dothill.pdf 196.2KB 13/10/2021
NCMP_pre-measurement_flyer.pdf (1) 1.3MB 13/10/2021
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