Dothill Primary School

Telford and Wrekin Sport Partnership

Dothill is a member of the Telford and Wrekin School Sport Partnership. This is how we get to participate in so many events and competitions across Telford. As part of Telford and Wrekin's commitment to safeguarding, the Sport Partnership has put together a Competition and Events Safeguarding Policy that we, as a school, have signed up to. They have asked us to make you, as parents, aware of this policy as your child may be participating in some of these events. Here is the parents’ section which we have been asked to share with you; the full document is available in school. 



  • Please be reminded that young people participate in sport for their enjoyment and benefit and not for their parents.

  • Encourage players to play by the rules and respect the official’s decision.

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using foul language or harassing players, coaches, teachers or officials.

  • Applaud good performance and effort by your team and the opponents. Congratulate both teams.

  • Show respect for all young people, teams and officials.

  • Recognise the value and importance of teachers, coaches and officials, and show your appreciation.

  • Never ridicule or criticise young people for making a mistake during competition. Mistakes are part of learning.

Any breaches of the Telford & Wrekin School Sport Partnership Codes of Conduct will be dealt with by an appropriate sanction and if your attendance is considered detrimental to the welfare of others you will be asked to leave the venue. Persistent concerns or breaches may result in an individual or group being asked to leave the event and may impact on future attendances.

A copy of the TWSPP Safeguarding Policy can be found in the main policy folder.