Dothill Primary School

Welcome Message from Mrs Butler, Head Teacher

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Dothill Primary School, whether your child is just starting school or coming to us from another school.  I hope that they will have an enjoyable primary school experience and will be happy, will make good friends and will find learning and playing with us to be fun, stimulating and rewarding.

Working closely with parents and carers is an important part of what we value. We are committed to working in partnership with you to help your child to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will serve them well beyond the primary years and even into adult life.        

If you are new to the area and would like a visit to meet us and to see us at work, do get in touch and we will be happy to make arrangements for you to do so.

We have an “open door” policy and are always ready to try to help, so please don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have any questions or matters to raise about your child. You can also make an appointment to see any of us if we cannot answer your questions immediately.

Please look at the website regularly with your child as it gives you a picture of how the school is organised. It also gives a general outline of the opportunities that we offer on a daily basis as well as a celebration of events and activities that take place in school.

This is your school – I hope that both you and your child will feel a part of it!

Best wishes

Becca Butler

Head Teacher

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