Dothill Primary School


Administration of Medicines in School

There are times when your child may be prescribed a medicine that needs to be taken during school time. If this is the case then please have a look at our policy below. 

Medication in Schools - Spring 2023-2025 

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

If your child has an ongoing medical condition we would like to work with you to support your child in school. In order to do this successfully we will invite you to complete a medical health care plan with our SENDCO, Mr Johnson. This will mean we have the most up to date information and approaches in order to meet your child's needs. If a new medical need arises throughout the year then please contact us as soon as possible to make us aware and to complete a medical health care plan.


All our staff are trained annually in managing asthma within school. If your child is diagnosed with asthma and requires an inhaler in school you will be asked to complete an asthma management form. This will help us to ensure that your child's needs are being met.