Dothill Primary School

ARCHIVE - PTA Friends 2020-2021

If you want to email the Friends direct, here is a link to their email:

Filename Size Date
October 2020 meeting.pdf 195.3KB 26/11/2020
Scary Hair Day 21 10 2020.png 184.6KB 26/11/2020
Toy Donations October 2020.png 778.6KB 26/11/2020
Minutes 5.10.20.pdf 490.9KB 26/11/2020
AGM.jpg 64.6KB 26/11/2020
Christmas Drawing 1 J.JPG 86.5KB 26/11/2020
Christmas Drawing 2J.JPG 105.0KB 26/11/2020
AGM Agenda 16.11.20.pdf 436.3KB 26/11/2020
Meeting Minutes 16.11.20.pdf 468.0KB 26/11/2020
games wish list (2).jpg 195.6KB 26/11/2020
games donation (2).jpg 137.9KB 26/11/2020
Cream Tea - Mothers Day.pdf 140.6KB 25/02/2021
Cream Tea Order Form.pdf 520.1KB 25/02/2021
Agenda 11 03 21.pdf 434.7KB 11/03/2021
Minutes 11.3.21.pdf 473.9KB 25/03/2021
Make the Rules.pdf 303.2KB 27/04/2021
Make the Rules.jpg 95.6KB 27/04/2021
leavers hoodie May 2021.pdf 253.9KB 11/05/2021
Doughnut Day .pdf 352.6KB 11/05/2021
Doughnut order form.pdf 251.5KB 11/05/2021
Friends Fathers Day Treats.pdf 434.1KB 27/05/2021
dothill friends fathers day order.pdf 93.0KB 28/05/2021
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