Dothill Primary School

KS2 Sports Day 9:30am

On Thursday 11th July, we will be holding our KS2 Sports Day. As the Olympics is taking place this year, we have decided to theme our sports day around this, with each class representing a country. The children will be learning all about the Olympics during National School Sports Week in June.

On Sports Day, we would like the children to come to school in the colours of their country’s flag.

3/4J       Mr Jones                               Australia             Red / White / Blue

3/4S       Mrs Swindells                        Jamaica              Green / Black / Yellow

3/4W      Mrs Willoughby                       Germany           Black / Red / Gold

5J           Mr Johnson                             Sweden            Yellow / Blue

5LT         Mrs Longland / Mrs Thackray    Argentina          Pale blue / White

6K          Mr Kirkpatrick                          England            Red / White

6J           Miss Jobe                                Brazil               Green / Yellow / Blue

If your child does not have anything that is suitably coloured, please send them in their normal PE uniform. On the day, they will need to wear their trainers and will need a water bottle and sun hat. Please also ensure that they have had sun cream applied before coming to school (hopefully, the sun will be shining).

If you would like to join in with the celebrations and watch your child take part, please arrive at the school field at 9:30am on Thursday 11th July. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

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