Dothill Primary School

Update - Mobile Phone App

Some parents have informed us that they are not able to download the app successfully on their phones.

We have gone back to the app developer to see what the problem is and how we can fix it and this is what we have been told:

‘This may be occurring on latest versions on iPhone and Android as this App was published at the end of 2021. For this to be available on newer versions of mobile devices, the App has to be published through the App Stores again.

We will submit a request to the App Stores but  once submitted this process can take a number of weeks to be accepted by the App stores, therefore we can expect to go live on the end of December or January.’

I am sorry for the delay in this. It was not something that had been anticipated. In the meantime, if the app is not working on your phone, please use our school website as a good source of information. It contains all the same information as the app.

As soon as we are told that the App Stores have updated I will let you know and hopefully we can get you using the app as soon as possible.

update-app-letter-nov-23.pdf (