Dothill Primary School

Parking Problems October 2023

You may have noticed that over this half term we have regularly had Parking Enforcement Officers patrolling on Severn Drive due to a high proportion of parents parking in an anti-social way. This may be parking on yellow lines, parking across the pavement or blocking residents’ driveways.

The frustration is that when the enforcement officers are there it does not happen and as soon as no-one is checking, parents are doing it again.

We have had a number of complaints from other parents and from local residents regarding this. We work very hard as a school to teach the children our Dothill Values. We also encourage the children to make safe choices that do not put other people at risk. I would ask the same of you – please set the example to our Dothill pupils by parking safely, responsibly and respectfully, even if this means you might have to walk a little bit further or set off a little bit earlier.

I know that I have spoken individually to a number of parents who have parked anti-socially. I do this as I worry about the safety of our children. On the news this morning there was a story of a Local Authority having to take action with double yellow lines and speed bumps after a five-year old child was hit by a car and killed outside a school. I am sure you will agree with me when I say that we do not want that to happen here.

Thank you for your support with this matter.

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