Dothill Primary School

Travel and Collection Arrangements

Collection Arrangements

Our key priority is the safety of your children and for this reason we have procedures in place for releasing the children at the end of the day as follows:

EYFS, Key Stage One (Y1/2) and Lower Key Stage Two (Y3/4): We will never let a child leave the classroom at the end of the day unless they are collected by an adult. If you are named on the contact sheet we will release the child into your care. If you need your child to be collected by someone who is not a named contact then you MUST let us know in advance by informing the teacher when you drop your child off that morning. Please only ring the school office to notify us of emergency changes and please do this before 2:45pm. Please note that whoever is collecting the child must be over 18. We will not let the child go with anyone that we have not been informed about.

Upper Key Stage Two (Y5/6):

Once your child is in year 5/6 we would like to build on their responsibilities by not having them collected from the classroom door. We would ask that you make your own arrangements with your child to either allow them to walk home alone (if you feel that they are mature enough) or to meet them at an agreed point off the school site and away from the entry/exit gates. They must follow the one-way system and they must go straight to the agreed place. We would expect their behaviour to be respectful and responsible. Please note, year 5/6 children cannot collect younger siblings from their classrooms. It must be an adult that does this. If you are not comfortable with giving your child this level of independence then please email the class teacher to let us know that you will be picking them up from the classroom each day.





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