Dothill Primary School

School Letters (general) from September 2021

This folder will be updated with school letters from September 2021.  Please note the letters are saved in date order with the most recent at the bottom, however you can sort them yourself when you view the page.

Letters relating to individual classes/year groups can be found on your child's class page in the "Children" folder.  This includes information about trips, homework, etc.

Filename Size Date
KS1 lunches.pdf 135.5KB 20/09/2021
EYFS lunches.pdf 134.3KB 20/09/2021
Parents Consultation - Autumn Term 2021.pdf 139.5KB 20/09/2021
RSE survey letter 2021.pdf 99.6KB 20/09/2021
Stepped up measures Sept 21.pdf 140.3KB 22/09/2021
Reading Record Letter 21.pdf 175.6KB 23/09/2021
Morrisons letter.pdf 101.0KB 29/09/2021
Flu Consent -Fluenz 2021.22-final.pdf 293.1KB 05/10/2021
Mental Health and Wellbeing Day 8 10 21.pdf 116.2KB 06/10/2021
Schools_Covid_letter_to_parents_and_carers 5 10 21.pdf 596.9KB 08/10/2021
NCMP Guidance Letter 2021.pdf 582.6KB 13/10/2021
NCMP Year 6 Withdrawal letter for parents 2021 Dothill.pdf 196.2KB 13/10/2021
NCMP_pre-measurement_flyer.pdf 1.3MB 13/10/2021
Stepped up measures Oct 21 Y3-4 .pdf 142.2KB 18/10/2021
1S staffing letter.pdf 95.7KB 18/10/2021
Christmas card letter..pdf 529.0KB 04/11/2021
Christmas cards.pdf 97.6KB 04/11/2021
Christmas cards 2021.JPG 75.0KB 04/11/2021
Christmas lunch flyer 2021.JPG 104.1KB 04/11/2021
Christmas Jumper Day 2021.JPG 99.4KB 04/11/2021
Christmas lunch flyer 2021.pdf 746.0KB 04/11/2021
Christmas Jumper Day 2021.pdf 420.6KB 04/11/2021
Children in Need.pdf 97.0KB 08/11/2021
Covid letter T&W Nov 21.pdf 128.9KB 09/11/2021
App letter Nov 21.pdf 115.7KB 16/11/2021
Stepped up measures Nov 21 Y3-4 .pdf 116.6KB 23/11/2021
Stepped up measures Nov 21 EYFS and KS1.pdf 117.5KB 26/11/2021
Stepped up measures Nov 21 Years 5 and 6.pdf 116.7KB 29/11/2021
Christmas Carols and Songs.pdf 100.4KB 01/12/2021
Make the rules letter Dec 21.pdf 84.4KB 01/12/2021
  • We are holding 3 open mornings for prospective parents of new intake (September 2022 starters) - please see latest news for more information.
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