Dothill Primary School

End of Year Letter 2020-2021

Dear Parents

Well what a year that has been!

Thank you to all of you for coping with all the changes, following the rules, supporting your children through home learning,  and just generally being great!

I wanted to take this opportunity to say goodbye to our Year 6. They are such a fabulous bunch of children who have taken everything in their stride and just got on with it. I am confident that they will flourish at secondary school and I am very proud of them all. Well done Year 6!

I will see the rest of you in September hopefully feeling refreshed and excited for the coming year. Let’s hope it is a little more ‘normal’ than this one was!

Have a great summer, stay safe and happy.

Becca Butler

Head Teacher

Dothill Primary School

01952 386870

  • School will be closed to children from Thursday 22nd July to Friday 3rd September 2021; we reopen to pupils on Monday 6th September 2021. Have a lovely summer break and stay safe.
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