Dothill Primary School

App use by children (Talkie)

We’ve been made aware that some children have been accessing an app called Talkie, which is an AI based app. The age restriction for this on the Apple Store is 17+.

It has been reported to us that this app contains inappropriate language and content. More worryingly, the AI chat made personal comments about the child’s appearance whilst using the app. Because of this, we would ask that you check any devices that your child has access to and remove the app.

We are also receiving a number of comments about children being on other social media apps. Again, many of these apps are age-restricted. Despite primary-aged children not being old enough, a number of children are using them and interacting in a way that is inappropriate, which is then resulting in issues in school. Please can we ask that you remove any apps that are not age-appropriate and monitor the conduct of your child and the content that they are being exposed to?

As always, if we can help in any way, please ask. We might not know the answer immediately, but we will do our very best to find it.

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