Dothill Primary School


School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Filename Size Date
Accessibility Plan Summer 2020-2023.pdf 219.9KB 26/11/2020
Alternative Provision Policy 2020-2022.pdf 331.2KB 25/02/2021
Anti Bullying Policy Autumn 2019-2022.pdf 311.9KB 25/02/2021
Anti smoking policy Autumn 2019-2022.pdf 318.4KB 25/02/2021
Asthma Policy Autumn 2019-2022.pdf 182.6KB 25/02/2021
Attendance Policy Sept 2020-2022.pdf 475.9KB 25/02/2021
Behaviour Policy 2021-2022 - website.pdf 664.5KB 18/11/2021
Bereavement Policy Spring 2021-2024.pdf 357.1KB 22/03/2021
Calculation Policy Spring 2020-2023.pdf 13.8MB 26/11/2020
Change of Details Form 2019-20 v2 223.6KB 26/11/2020
Charging and Remissions Policy Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 177.6KB 24/11/2021
Children in Care Policy - Spring 2022-2024.pdf 228.1KB 05/04/2022
Code of Conduct for School Governors Autumn 2020-2022.pdf 585.2KB 25/02/2021
Collective Worship Spring 2022-2023.pdf 137.3KB 06/04/2022
Complaints Policy Spring 2022-2025.pdf 176.9KB 06/04/2022
Confidentiality Policy Summer 2020-2022.pdf 597.4KB 26/11/2020
Curriculum Policy 2020-2022.pdf 375.0KB 25/02/2021
Data Protection Policy July 2020-2023.pdf 400.3KB 26/11/2020
E-safety Policy Spring 2022-2025.pdf 195.7KB 06/04/2022
Equal Opportunities Policy Autumn 2019-2022.pdf 166.7KB 26/11/2020
Equalities Policy and Action Plan Autumn 2021- 2022.pdf 598.6KB 24/11/2021
Equality Targets Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 82.0KB 24/11/2021
eyfs-policy-spring-2018-2020.pdf 559.6KB 26/11/2020
Food in School Policy Autumn 2020-2023.pdf 468.3KB 25/02/2021
Governor Allowances Policy Spring 2022-2023.pdf 181.0KB 06/04/2022
Governor Visits Protocol Autumn 2019-2022.pdf 469.0KB 26/11/2020
Homework Policy Summer 2020-2022.pdf 184.4KB 18/11/2021
Intimate Care Policy Spring 2022-2024.pdf 164.2KB 07/04/2022
Marking and Feedback Policy Summer 2020-2022.pdf 150.9KB 07/04/2022
Medical Conditions Policy Autumn 2021-2023.pdf 466.0KB 07/04/2022
Medication in Schools Spring 2021-2021 MED1 form.pdf 406.9KB 07/04/2022
Medication in Schools Spring 2021-2023.pdf 450.9KB 07/04/2022
Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy 2020.pdf 558.1KB 07/04/2022
mfl-2017.pdf 167.3KB 07/04/2022
Peer on peer abuse policy 2020.pdf 757.2KB 07/04/2022
Publication Scheme Spring 2022-24.pdf 191.3KB 07/04/2022
Pupil Premium Policy Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 200.4KB 07/04/2022
Relationships and Sex Education Policy appendix 1.pdf 3.1MB 07/04/2022
relationships-and-sex-education-policy-appendix-2.pdf 1.5MB 07/04/2022
Reporting and Recording Racist Incidents Autumn 2019-2022... 471.6KB 07/04/2022
RSE Policy Summer 2020-2023.pdf 794.1KB 07/04/2022
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2021-2022 - webs... 979.4KB 07/04/2022
SEND Information Report Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 472.6KB 07/04/2022
SEND Offer Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 251.0KB 07/04/2022
SEND Policy Autumn 2021-2022.pdf 392.5KB 07/04/2022
Separated Parents Policy 2022-2025.pdf 158.9KB 07/04/2022
TWSSP Safeguarding Policy - information for parents.pdf 830.1KB 07/04/2022
Use of Social Media Policy - Autumn 2020-2022.pdf 379.1KB 07/04/2022
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