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What does Music look like at Dothill Primary School?

Music has always been part of the culture of Dothill Primary School. We are fortunate to have a dedicated room to teach music in. It is exceptionally well resourced with a large variety of tuned and untuned percussion instruments ranging from a full drum kit to triangles and tambourines. Music is taught initially through the on-line resource: Charanga Music school. This scheme was developed by music specialists to be used and is recommended for schools by Telford and Wrekin. All teachers have attended training led by Charanga Specialists. Lessons are designed in three stages listening and appraising, musical activities and performing. In the listening and appraisal part of the lesson pupils are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles and genres. They learn about the composers and artists involved in that music and learn how to express their opinions. Each lesson is based around a song, through games pupils learn about the rhythms, pulse, pitch and dynamics of the song. They learn to sing the song, developing their understanding of pitch, singing together and singing in parts. Pupils learn to accompany the song using tuned and untuned instruments using a variety of notation. Each unit has an improvisation element allowing pupils to compose their own section to the music. The end of each lesson is always a grand performance of what has been learnt and rehearsed.


Music is important to our school life. A highlight of each week is ‘Singing Assembly’ where we have a growing repertoire of popular, cultural and traditional songs. At the end of each term a different Key Stage produces and performs a musical play for parents. Every Christmas the whole school will travel to Church for the Christmas Carol Service. Dothill Primary School also have a popular school choir who have performed at many events including Wellington Midsummer fayre, Charltonbury, Telford Sings Concerts and Young Voices Concerts at Resorts World Birmingham. We also have visiting peripatetic teachers who offer lessons in violin, keyboard and piano, drums and guitar.

Why is Music important?

Music is important because it helps to develop language and reasoning. It builds our memory skills and teaches us to improve our work. Music develops out coordination and listening skills.

It gives us enjoyment, gives us a reason to socialise and provides us with the means to relax.

Music can give pupils a sense of satisfaction and achievement that they may be at times difficult to find.

What do our pupils say about Music at Dothill?

“ I like listening to songs and joining in.”

“I like learning lots of different songs and learning to sing them off by heart.”

“I enjoy playing along to different music and really like it when we all play a different part.”






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