Dothill Primary School

Maths Recovery Curriculum Rationale 2020-2021

The curriculum was re-mapped in 2019, so that all areas of maths are revisited and built upon. Non-negotiable end points have been highlighted to enable staff to adapt interventions and lessons before moving on. We will still use this curriculum map, with White Rose at the core, for 2020-2021. Staff have been asked to look at the previous year’s planning and consider elements that were not taught from March 2020 onwards. Once staff are aware of these gaps they can use the planning, alongside the progression document, to be aware of likely gaps in their class. When teaching an area where there are likely to be gaps, staff can use the school planning map and the White Rose Recovery curriculum with revision built in. The assessment system and learning objectives we already have in place will also allow staff to identify and cover any gaps from previous years. Test Base is used to write tailored assessments each half term, assessing what has been taught as well as upcoming topics. The learning objectives with “I know” statements and instructional activities, where children can explore what they already know, will also allow staff to identify gaps in learning and in confidence!

By using the planning, key documents, and systems we already have in place, Dothill will be able to tailor a more personalised “recovery curriculum” for each individual child. 

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