Dothill Primary School

Travel Assistance and Collection Arrangements

Collection Arrangements

It is important that you organise your child’s collection arrangements in the morning so your child knows who will collect them. You can also tell the teacher when you drop them off.  Please only ring the school office to notify us of emergency changes and please do this before 2:45pm. Thank you.

Please remember, all EYFS/KS1 children must be met at the classroom door by an adult 18+.  KS2 children who leave school on their own should be reminded that if someone isn’t in the normal place to collect them, they should return to school.

If you need to update us on long-term changes to collection arrangements, you should complete a new travel/collection form and pass to the office.  A copy can be downloaded below.

Click here to open a copy of the collection arrangements form

  • We are following Government advice and the school is partially CLOSED until further notice. If you believe you are a keyworker or have children that fall into the vulnerable group, please take a look at the information in the new section (top right of the home page).
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