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School Meals

Spring Term 2021 Meal Information - 

Hot Meals 5 days a week from January 2021

We’re pleased to advise we will be offering hot meals EVERY DAY from the spring term, as per the attached menu (link below).  We’re still operating the same system as now in that children will be able to make their choice each morning and tell their teacher.  They will still eat their lunch in their classroom with the hot food served in the special containers which keep the food warm and are recycled after use. As now, the children will also be given a drink of water if they don’t have their water bottle with them. 

If your child wants a school sandwich meal instead of a hot meal, this option will still be available but we are returning to the “old system” whereby you will need to complete the order form in advance (updated copy attached - link below) and send this to us with a weeks notice.  Please complete the form on-line using Adobe (sign/tools) and return it to the school email address (   Please note the comments section about completing just one form if your child always wants the same sandwich on the same day.

Menu from Spring Term 2021 until further notice

Sandwich order form from Spring Term 2021 until further notice

October-November 2020 Meal Information -

changes due to Covid 19

We’re pleased to advise that after the October half-term holiday we’re introducing three hot meals per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will still be serving the school sandwich option but with a couple of changes; please see the attached menu for full details:

Menu - autumn 2 - November-December 2020

To order food from the menu, we’re operating the same system as now in that children will be able to make their choice each morning and tell their teacher. They will still eat their lunch in their classroom with the hot food served in special containers which keep the food warm and are recycled after use. The children will also be given a drink of water if they don’t have their water bottle with them.

If your child wants to order a school sandwich on Mondays and/or Wednesdays and/or Fridays, please complete the updated sandwich order form on-line using Adobe and return that to the school email address ( with at least one weeks notice.   Please note the section about one form for the whole half term if your child wants the same sandwich every Monday and/or Wednesday and/or Friday.

Sandwich order form (M/W/F) - autumn 2 - November-December 2020

As you know, all children in EYFS/KS1 are offered a free daily meal during term time as part of the universal infant free school scheme. All KS2 children entitled to free school meals will also be given a free daily term time meal. If your circumstances have recently changed, your child may now be entitled to free meals; why not complete a FSM form and send it to Telford & Wrekin Council who can carry out a quick check for you. Here’s a link to the form and further details. All children receive exactly the same meal whether they are free or you pay, and they are all served in exactly the same way, so why not check if you’re able to claim?


Universal Infant Free School Meals

Every child in Britain from EYFS to Year 2 can have a free school meal. You don’t have to register, you don’t have to qualify or fill in any forms. It is literally there on a plate for your child. Not only is that great for you but it is also great for school because for every child who has their universal infant free school meal, we receive money into our budget.
For this reason, in September 2019 we started a new approach and any child who joins Dothill into EYFS, Y1 or Y2 will be expected to have school dinners or school sandwiches and not bring a packed lunch from home. 
As an alternative to hot meals, the school kitchen can provide a packed lunch for free!! There is a wide range of bread/fillings/ yogurts/fruit/cakes/cookies on offer that your child can choose from and it won’t cost you a penny.
For further information please refer to the leaflet from Telford and Wrekin Catering and the sandwich order form, as below. There is also a link to the catering page on Telford and Wrekin Council's website.

Leaflet from Telford and Wrekin Catering

Sandwich Order Form


General Information

Sandwich Option

Children are able to select a packed lunch instead of their usual school dinner.  To do so, please complete the form below and return to the kitchen or school office by 10am on the Wednesday of the week before it is required.  Thank you.

Dinner Money Arrears

As you know, we operate a zero tolerance on meal arrears as some quite substantial overspends have built up on some of the children’s accounts in previous years.

On the first day that children choose a lunch and do not have enough credit on their account, our kitchen team will let them have their meal, thus leaving arrears between 0.01p and £2.350. The parent/carer will get a letter from the cook informing them of the debt so they are aware and can rectify the situation straight away. They should also get an email from the cook warning of a low balance. If the arrears are not cleared, and if the children do not bring in a packed lunch from home, the kitchen team will give them an emergency meal (a cheese sandwich, fruit and/or a yoghurt) at lunchtime if they come for a school meal. This will be chargeable.

In the past, parents/carers have also been rung by the office if their child’s account is in debt and the child has ordered a dinner that day. In the future, this will not happen if your child’s account is in debt. In that case, your child will automatically get an emergency meal (cheese sandwich, fruit and/or yoghurt).

It is important that parents/carers update the school with any changes to their main email account as that is how the kitchen send reminders out re: low credit etc.

Thank you for your support and cooperation with this matter.

General Reminders and Updates

  • If your child is absent and you have ordered a school packed lunch (sandwich) for that day then please let us know otherwise unfortunately you will be charged. A charge will also be made if you forget you have ordered a school packed lunch for your child and a meal from home is provided instead.
  • Always pay dinner money in advance (currently £2.35 per day).
  • Please put the money in an ENVELOPE and ensure that NAME and CLASS and AMOUNT and DATE are identified on the front as it can lead to much confusion without it.
  • If paying on-line, please allow enough time for payment to go through (at least 24 hours).
  • All children are checked in to dinners by name so that we can ensure  everyone who has ordered a dinner for that day receives a dinner for that day. 
  • We have email addresses for most parents, but if you are not getting emails, please check with the office that we have your up to date email address. 
  • Please wear a face covering when coming onto site, including dropping off/collecting children. Please keep a safe distance from each other and staff and keep to the one way system/keep moving! Please ensure children are walking with you at all times. Thank you.
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