Dothill Primary School

Sept 2021 update

Please note that drop off and pick up times have not changed since the Summer. The same procedures are in place as follows:

Arriving at School:

Gates open for all pupils at 8.30am

All classroom doors will be open at 8.30am

All pupils should be in their classrooms by 8.55am for when formal lessons start.

There is a 25 minute window in which to bring your child to school.

Please do not bring your child at 8.30am if you do not have to. Use the 25 minute window sensibly.

The back gate onto the playground will open at 8.30am and will close at 8.55am. If you have not left the site by this time you must exit through the front gate.

There is a one-way (clockwise) system in place for walking around the school.

The current system of an adult walking their child round to their classroom is still in place for EYFS and Years 1-4. This is no longer due to Covid but supports in the orderly start of the school day and the general health and wellbeing of everyone. Adults should drop the child at their classroom and continue around the one-way system to exit the grounds. Please note the back gate will be locked at 8.55am so you cannot enter or exit via this gate after this time. If you are late you must come through the front entry gate and leave by the front exit gate.

Year 5 and 6 children can walk into school by themselves if parents wish this. They must follow the one-way system and they must go straight to their classrooms. We would expect their behaviour to be respectful and responsible. Please talk to them about this if you are trusting your Year 5/6 child to walk into school unaccompanied. If they are not responsible and respectful, then their right to walk independently will be revoked.

We understand that there are times when your morning does not go to plan and you may arrive late. If this is the case, up until 9:15am you will need to enter school via the front entry gate and go to the main office with your child. There are times when there is only one person in the office and if they are dealing with someone else you may be asked to wait until someone is available to support you.

If you are regularly late for school then Mrs Butler will have a chat with you to discuss any issues and to see how we can help you.

Leaving School

Gates open at 3pm (left hand front gate and back playground gate).

The one-way system remains in place at all times and must be adhered to. Parents of EYFS children and Years 1-4 should stand on the playground and wait for the classroom doors to open at 3.15pm.

Children will come out of the doors to meet their adults. Please follow the one-way system to exit the site either by the front right-hand gate or the back playground gate. The back gate will be locked at 3.25pm and you cannot enter or exit via the back gate after this time. If you are late you must use the front entrance.

If you have children in more than one class, please collect the child from the classroom that you get to first and pick the others up on your way around the one-way system. Please do not double back on yourself and go against the flow. The staff will keep your other children safe until you get to them!

Years 5/6 Arrangements  

If you have children in Year 5/6 we would like to build on their responsibilities by not having them collected from the classroom door. We would ask that you make your own arrangements with your older child to either allow them to walk home alone (if you feel that they are mature enough) or to meet them at an agreed point off the school site and away from the entry/exit gates. They must follow the one-way system and they must go straight to the agreed place. We would expect their behaviour to be respectful and responsible. Please note, Year 5/6 children cannot collect younger siblings from their classrooms. It must be an adult that does this. If you are not comfortable with giving your child this level of independence then please complete the form below to let us know that you will be picking them up from the classroom each day.


Children who are attending Dothill Preschool and Childcare (Club) will be collected from the classroom each day by their staff. Please support Club as there will be times when a long line of children are walking around school to get to Club with a member of staff at the front of the line and one at the back of the line. Please let the line walk freely and do not try to cut through it. Thank you for your understanding.

Office Opening Times

Morning 8.30am – 9.15am

Afternoon 3.00pm – 3.25pm

The office is available by phone during the school day. Please try and not come to the office unless you must. Talk to Mrs Butler/Mrs Harvey like you do now and pass things on or hand things over. They will still be outside every day like they were in the Summer. You have become very good at phoning or emailing the office. Please continue to do this wherever possible rather than coming to the office in person.

Becca Butler

Head Teacher

  • Please see the letter emailed to parents 18/10/21 regarding Temporary Stepped Up Covid Measures, copy in school letters folder on website
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