Dothill Primary School

Pupil Illness

A number of parents are asking our advice as to whether their children should come to school or not when they have a cough/cold. We do not have all the answers and are not medical professionals! The only advice we can give is that if your child is presenting with symptoms of coronavirus they should not come to school and you should ring 111. We cannot decide for you via email or phone or in person whether they are presenting with signs of Coronavirus or whether it is a cough/cold. You have to make that decision. I understand that this is really difficult at the moment as you all want to do the right thing for school and for your child. Thanks for your support.

  • Please remember to return your Flu consent form before 16th September 2020 - the form must be signed by a parent, no other relative. If you need an extra copy, you can find this on the website in the school letters folder for 2020-21. Thank you.
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