Dothill Primary School

Important message about Covid-19

As a school we are doing everything that we need to do (and more) to follow Covid-19 procedures and to keep everyone as safe as we can. We cannot do this alone and we are reliant on you as parents to keep us informed about Covid related issues in your household. If in doubt, please tell us. It is your duty to inform us if anyone in your household has symptoms or has a test. This is to keep everyone safe as we rely on the information you give us to ensure that we can take the appropriate action in school.

Please rest assured that we know exactly what to do and the procedures to follow when we are informed of a positive test. I can assure you that the main focus of the office at the moment is following Covid rules and ensuring that anyone who could put us at risk is not in school. This means that even if you hear on the grapevine that someone in school has tested positive, you do not need to panic. We are following all the appropriate procedures and your child is not at risk. We are fortunate that we have not yet had to close any of our bubbles/classes due to positive cases, however if this is the action that needs taking to protect ourselves and our community then this is what we will do.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and understanding. We are all in this together and we will all get through it together. Take care, stay safe and keep us informed.

Thank you

Becca Butler

Head Teacher

  • Please wear a face covering when coming onto site, including dropping off/collecting children. Please keep a safe distance from each other and staff and keep to the one way system/keep moving! Please ensure children are walking with you at all times. Thank you.
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